LPI Level 1 Exam 102, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 2 of 2 v6.0

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Exam contains 120 questions

What is NOT contained in the locale setting of the operating system?

  • A. currency symbol
  • B. language
  • C. timezone
  • D. thousands separator

Answer : C

What is true about the file /etc/localtime?

  • A. It is a plain text file containing a string such as Europe/Berlin.
  • B. It is created and maintained by the NTP service based on the geolocation of the system's IP address.
  • C. It is a symlink to /sys/device/clock/ltime and always contains the current local time.
  • D. It is either a symlink to or a copy of a timezone information file such as /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin.

Answer : D

Which command is used to add an empty group to the system? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : groupadd, /usr/sbin/groupadd

In which file, if present, must all users be listed that are allowed to use the cron scheduling system? (Specify the full name of the file, including path.)

Answer : /etc/cron.allow

Which of the following commands can remove a user from a group?

  • A. grouprm
  • B. groupmod
  • C. passwd
  • D. usergroups
  • E. usermod

Answer : E

Which of the following fields can be found in the /etc/group file? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

  • A. The list of users that belong to the group.
  • B. The home directory of the group.
  • C. The name of the group.
  • D. The description of the group.
  • E. The password of the group.

Answer : ACE

Which character in the password field of /etc/passwd is used to indicate that the encrypted password is stored in /etc/shadow?

  • A. *
  • B. -
  • C. s
  • D. x

Answer : D

The system's timezone may be set by linking /etc/localtime to an appropriate file in which directory? (Provide the full path to the directory, without any country information)

Answer : /usr/share/zoneinfo/

Which of the following commands should be added to /etc/bash_profile in order to change the language of messages for an internationalized program to Portuguese (pt)?

  • A. export LANGUAGE="pt"
  • B. export MESSAGE="pt"
  • C. export UI_MESSAGES="pt"
  • D. export LC_MESSAGES="pt"
  • E. export ALL_MESSAGES="pt"

Answer : D

Where are user specific crontabs stored?

  • A. In the database file /etc/crontab.db which is shared by all users.
  • B. As individual per-user files within /var/spool/cron.
  • C. As individual per-user files in /etc/cron.user.d.
  • D. In the .crontab file in the user's home directory.
  • E. In the file /var/cron/user-crontab which is shared by all users.

Answer : B

Which of the following steps prevents a user from obtaining an interactive login session?

  • A. Run the command chsh -s /bin/false with the user name.
  • B. Set the UID for the user to 0.
  • C. Remove the user from the group staff.
  • D. Add the user to /etc/noaccess.
  • E. Create a .nologin file in the user's home directory.

Answer : A

What is the purpose of the iconv command?

  • A. It converts bitmap images from one format to another such as PNG to JPEG.
  • B. It verifies that the root directory tree complies to all conventions from the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).
  • C. It displays additional meta information from icon files ending in .ico.
  • D. It changes the mode of an inode in the ext4 file system.
  • E. It converts files from one character encoding to another.

Answer : E

Which of the following fields are available in both the global /etc/crontab file as well as in user-specific crontab files? (Select TWO correct answers)

  • A. Year
  • B. Minute
  • C. Username
  • D. Command

Answer : BD

Which commands can be used to change a user's account aging information? (Choose
THREE correct answers.)

  • A. usermod
  • B. passwd
  • C. chattr
  • D. chage
  • E. chsh

Answer : ABD

Which file specifies the user accounts that can NOT submit jobs via at or batch? (Provide the full path and filename)

Answer : /etc/at.deny

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Exam contains 120 questions

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