LPIC-1 Exam 101 v1.0

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Exam contains 127 questions

What is true regarding the configuration of yum? (Choose two.)

  • A. Changes to the repository configuration become active after running yum confupdate
  • B. Changes to the yum configuration become active after restarting the yumd service
  • C. The configuration of package repositories can be divided into multiple files
  • D. Repository configurations can include variables such as $basearch or $releasever
  • E. In case /etc/yum.repos.d/ contains files, /etc/yum.conf is ignored

Answer : CD

Which of the following apt-get subcommands installs the newest versions of all currently installed packages?

  • A. auto-update
  • B. dist-upgrade
  • C. full-upgrade
  • D. install
  • E. update

Answer : B

Which command uninstalls a package but keeps its configuration files in case the package is re-installed?

  • A. dpkg ג€"s pkgname
  • B. dpkg ג€"L pkgname
  • C. dpkg ג€"P pkgname
  • D. dpkg ג€"v pkgname
  • E. dpkg ג€"r pkgname

Answer : E

Which of the following commands lists the dependencies of the RPM package file foo.rpm?

  • A. rpm ג€"qpR foo.rpm
  • B. rpm ג€"dep foo
  • C. rpm ג€"ld foo.rpm
  • D. rpm ג€"R foo.rpm
  • E. rpm ג€"pD foo

Answer : A

What is the maximum niceness value that a regular user can assign to a process with the nice command when executing a new process?

  • A. 9
  • B. 15
  • C. 19
  • D. 49
  • E. 99

Answer : C

Which of the following commands list all files and directories within the /tmp/ directory and its subdirectories which are owned by the user root? (Choose two.)

  • A. find /tmp ג€"user root -print
  • B. find ג€"path /tmp ג€"uid root
  • C. find /tmp ג€"uid root -print
  • D. find /tmp ג€"user root
  • E. find ג€"path /tmp ג€"user root -print

Answer : AD

Which of the following are valid stream redirection operators within Bash? (Choose two.)

  • A. <
  • B. #>
  • C. %>
  • D. >>>
  • E. 2>&1

Answer : AE

Which of the following vi commands deletes two lines, the current and the following line?

  • A. d2
  • B. 2d
  • C. 2dd
  • D. dd2
  • E. de12

Answer : C

The command dbmaint & was used to run dbmaint in the background. However, dbmaint is terminated after logging out of the system. Which alternative dbmaint invocation lets dbmaint continue to run even when the user running the program logs out?

  • A. job ג€"b dmaint
  • B. dbmaint &>/dev/pts/null
  • C. nohup dbmaint &
  • D. bg dbmaint
  • E. wait dbmaint

Answer : C

From a Bash shell, which of the following commands directly execute the instructions from the file /usr/local/bin/runme.sh without starting a subshell?
(Choose two.)

  • A. source /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
  • B. /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
  • C. /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
  • D. . /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
  • E. run /usr/local/bin/runme.sh

Answer : AD

Which program runs a command in specific intervals and refreshes the display of the programג€™s output? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer : watch

Immediately after deleting 3 lines of text in vi and moving the cursor to a different line, which single character command will insert the deleted content below the current line?

  • A. i (lowercase)
  • B. p (lowercase)
  • C. P (uppercase)
  • D. U (uppercase)
  • E. u (lowercase)

Answer : B

Which of the following commands changes all CR-LF line breaks in the text file userlist.txt to Linux standard LF line breaks and stores the result in newlist.txt?

  • A. tr ג€"d ג€˜\rג€™ < userlist.txt > newlist.txt
  • B. tr ג€"c ג€˜\n\rג€™ ג€˜ג€™ <newlist.txt> userlist.txt
  • C. tr ג€˜\r\nג€™ ג€˜ג€™ <userlist.txt> newlist.txt
  • D. tr ג€˜\rג€™ ג€˜\nג€™ userlist.txt newlist.txt
  • E. tr ג€"s ג€˜/^M/^J/ג€™ userlist.txt newlist.txt

Answer : A

Given the following input stream:
Which of the following regular expressions turns this input stream into the following output stream? txt1.bak.txt atxt.bak.txt txtB.bak.txt

  • A. s/^.txt/.bak/
  • B. s/txt/bak.txt/
  • C. s/txt$/bak.txt/
  • D. s/^txt$/.bak^/
  • E. s/[.txt]/.bak$1/

Answer : C

Which command must be entered before exiting vi to save the current file as filea.txt?

  • A. %s filea.txt
  • B. %w filea.txt
  • C. :save filea.txt
  • D. :w filea.txt
  • E. :s filea.txt

Answer : D

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Exam contains 127 questions

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