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A major difference between MX-TCP and HighSpeed TCP is:

  • A. MX-TCP backs off in the case of congestion, HighSpeed TCP does not
  • B. HighSpeed TCP backs off in the case of congestion, MX-TCP does not
  • C. MX-TCP can use TCP window scaling, HighSpeed TCP cannot
  • D. HighSpeed TCP can use TCP options, MX-TCP cannot

Answer : B

Which of the following local accounts are available by default on a Steelhead appliance?
(Select 2)

  • A. admin
  • B. riverbed
  • C. monitor
  • D. rvbd
  • E. root

Answer : AC

To help secure the server private key on the server-side Steelhead appliance, which of the following features can be used?

  • A. TACACS+ authentication
  • B. RADIUS authentication
  • C. Secure Vault
  • D. Datastore encryption

Answer : C

How many in-path rules will a LAN-initiated single connection execute on a Steelhead appliance?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer : B

What are the primary requirements that must be considered when sizing a Steelhead appliance for a customer? (Select 4)

  • A. Optimized WAN throughput
  • B. Connection count
  • C. Datastore size
  • D. Bypass port count
  • E. Speed / duplex requirements

Answer : A,B,C,D

In an in-path deployment, when a Steelhead appliance fails to wire, the Steelhead appliance acts as a:

  • A. Straight-through cable
  • B. Crossover cable
  • C. Router
  • D. Firewall
  • E. None of the above

Answer : B

Assuming the Steelhead appliance has a 250 GB datastore capacity, by enabling RSP on a supported Steelhead appliance which of the following would be true:

  • A. The datastore capacity will shrink due to the amount of space used by RSP
  • B. The datastore capacity will grow due to the amount of space added by RSP
  • C. The datastore capacity does not change
  • D. The datastore capacity will have to be reformatted

Answer : C

What are the default port labels on the Steelhead appliance? (Select 3)

  • A. Secure
  • B. Interactive
  • C. RBT-Proto
  • D. Fixed-Target
  • E. Pass-Through

Answer : ABC

How can I obtain Virtual Steelhead appliance license keys?

  • A. Using the Riverbed public support site
  • B. Contacting VMware
  • C. Virtual Steelhead appliance license keys are included in the install package
  • D. Base licenses are not required
  • E. Only SSL licenses are not included

Answer : A

After deployment of Steelhead appliances, a certain backup application shows poor bandwidth reduction. After disabling the backup application's native compression algorithm, the bandwidth reduction statistics on the Steelhead appliances suddenly improve significantly. Which of the following are likely causes for the increased bandwidth reduction?

  • A. The native compression algorithm of the backup application could not be compressed further
  • B. The application-level protocol used by the backup application is not recognized by the Steelhead appliances
  • C. The Steelhead appliances were not able to effectively perform TCP optimizations
  • D. There should be no difference between compressed and uncompressed traffic

Answer : A

Name the areas where the Steelhead appliance will be beneficial. (Select 3)

  • A. Accelerate chatty applications that use well known protocols such as CIFS and MAPI
  • B. Save bandwidth on LAN links
  • C. With a single TCP session, effectively use bandwidth on high-speed WAN links
  • D. Reduce UDP traffic on the WAN by engaging Riverbed Professional Services
  • E. Remove the traffic load from MAPI servers

Answer : ACD

What does the Data Streamlining module in RiOS do?

  • A. Eliminates redundant bytes from transfers
  • B. Prioritizes application traffic
  • C. Reduces transport protocol inefficiencies
  • D. All of the above
  • E. None of the above

Answer : A

Which version of WCCP supports redirection of all TCP traffic?

  • A. Version 1
  • B. Version 2
  • C. Version 9
  • D. Version 12.2.18

Answer : B

What are the benefits of Application Streamlining?

  • A. Applications run up to 100 times faster
  • B. Reduces application chattiness by 65-98%
  • C. Accelerates the most important applications, such as CIFS, MAPI, NFS, HTTP/S, Lotus Notes, and MS-SQL
  • D. All of the above
  • E. None of the above

Answer : D

What are valid datastore encryption types? (Select 4)

  • A. No encryption
  • B. AES_128
  • C. AES_64
  • D. AES_256
  • E. AES_192

Answer : A,B,D,E

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Exam contains 174 questions

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