RSA Certified SE Professional in Governance, Risk and Compliance v6.0

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Exam contains 70 questions

If a potential customer expresses a desire to consolidate data from various threat feeds and streamline the process of remediating vulnerabilities, he should be introduced to which two RSA Archer solutions?

  • A. Vendor and Threat
  • B. Enterprise and Threat
  • C. Compliance and Enterprise
  • D. Data Feed Manager and Threat

Answer : B

Which solution serves as the hub of an enterprise GRC program, and integrates with all other RSA Archer solutions?

  • A. Policy Management
  • B. Incident Management
  • C. Enterprise Management
  • D. Compliance Management

Answer : C

Which solution includes a library of response procedures that can be used in the context of multiple events?

  • A. Policy Management
  • B. Incident Management
  • C. Compliance Management
  • D. Business Continuity Management

Answer : B

What add-on is required to use some administration functions?

  • A. QuickTime
  • B. Adobe Flash Player
  • C. Microsoft Silverlight
  • D. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Answer : C

RSA Archer can automatically generate workpapers in which core solution?

  • A. Risk Management
  • B. Audit Management
  • C. Policy Management
  • D. Incident Management

Answer : B

Which solution should be recommended for customers who would like to implement a whistleblower issue reporting option for their end users?

  • A. Policy Management
  • B. Threat Management
  • C. Incident Management
  • D. Compliance Management

Answer : C

All of the following statements about solution demonstrations are true, EXCEPT:

  • A. Show the most commonly used pieces of the applications.
  • B. For time-consuming features, explain concepts rather than fully demo the features.
  • C. Customize the solutions to fully meet each individual customer’s needs prior to a demo.
  • D. As much as possible, follow a similar script each time you demonstrate solutions, so each customer is given the same information about the system.

Answer : C

What three items should be gathered from the customer prior to building a Proof-of-
Concept (POC)? (Choose three)

  • A. Sample data
  • B. Success criteria
  • C. Process documentation
  • D. List of applications customer is currently using
  • E. Customer’s Finance Team contact information

Answer : ABC

What three phases are included in the Proof-of-Concept build process?

  • A. Analyze, Build, Test
  • B. Demo, Gather, Build
  • C. Scope, Create, Deliver
  • D. Discuss, Analyze, Create

Answer : A

Prior to building a Proof-of-Concept, it is a good idea to do all of the following, EXCEPT:

  • A. Pre-load sample data.
  • B. Make a list of users and access roles needed.
  • C. Diagram the relationships between applications needed.
  • D. Read all documentation provided to you by the customer.

Answer : A

What is the first step you should take in the Build phase when creating a Proof-of-Concept?

  • A. Create the necessary applications.
  • B. Create reports based on sample data.
  • C. Create a new solution, using the customer’s company name in the title.
  • D. Customize the RSA Archer appearance to include the customer’s company’s logo.

Answer : C

If you have any time remaining after completing the Proof-of-Concept build, what should you do to maximize the wow factor for the customer?

  • A. Add additional report iViews to the main dashboard.
  • B. Compile a data dictionary of all field configuration settings.
  • C. Add additional users to bulk up the Users/Groups list fields.
  • D. Create a training video that includes a demonstration of the POC so customers can refer back to the video if they have questions.

Answer : A

When testing the Proof-of-Concept, which three items should you focus on? (Choose three)

  • A. Confirm all fields in any demo records contain values.
  • B. Step through the business process flow(s) given to you by the customer.
  • C. Refer to the success criteria as defined by the customer; verify all criteria is accounted for.
  • D. Login with each user you created and verify each user sees only the data he has been permissioned to see.
  • E. Verify all other workspaces display correctly, in case you need to perform some ad-hoc demonstrations on other solutions.

Answer : B,C,D

If your customer has not provided sample data for you to load into the system, you will need to manually create your own sample records. What is the minimum number of records you should create in each application, for best results when demonstrating search functionality?

  • A. 2
  • B. 5
  • C. 10
  • D. 20

Answer : B

At what point should you create user accounts, roles, and groups in Access Control during the Proof-of-Concept build process?

  • A. It should be the first step
  • B. After the data has been loaded
  • C. After reports have been created
  • D. After the shells of the applications have been built, but before actual fields have been added

Answer : D

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Exam contains 70 questions

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