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Exam contains 80 questions

How can the current directory and its subdirectories be searched for the file named

  • A. find . -name MyFile.xml
  • B. grep MyFile.xml | find
  • C. grep -r MyFile.xml .
  • D. less MyFile.xml
  • E. search Myfile.xml ./

Answer : A

The script,, consists of the following lines:
echo $2 $1
Which output will appear if the command, ./ test1 test2, is entered?

  • A. test1 test2
  • B. test2 test1
  • C. test2
  • D. test1
  • E. test1

Answer : B

Which of the following commands will set the variable text to olaf is home? (Choose two)

  • A. text=olaf\ is\ home
  • B. text=$olaf is home
  • C. $text='olaf is home'
  • D. text=='olaf is home'
  • E. text="olaf is home"

Answer : AE

What is the correct command to extract the contents of the archive file download.bz2?

  • A. unpack download.bz2
  • B. unzip2 download.bz2
  • C. bunzip2 download.bz2
  • D. unzip download.bz2
  • E. uncompress download.bz2

Answer : C

Which approach will provide a listing of the contents in a tar archive?

  • A. Use the tar command with -t.
  • B. Use the grep command.
  • C. Use the find command.
  • D. Use the zless command.
  • E. Use the zlist command.

Answer : A

The output of the program date should be saved in the variable actdat. What is the correct statement?

  • A. actdat=`date`
  • B. set actdat='date'
  • C. date | actdat
  • D. date > $actdat
  • E. actdat=date

Answer : A

Which of the following commands will create an archive file, named backup.tar, containing all the files from the directory /home?

  • A. tar /home backup.tar
  • B. tar -cf /home backup.tar
  • C. tar -xf /home backup.tar
  • D. tar -xf backup.tar /home
  • E. tar -cf backup.tar /home

Answer : E

Which of the following commands redirects the output of cmd to the file foo.txt, in which an existing file is overwritten?

  • A. cmd || foo.txt
  • B. cmd | foo.txt
  • C. cmd && foo.txt
  • D. cmd >> foo.txt
  • E. cmd > foo.txt

Answer : E

Which command will display the last line of the file foo.txt?

  • A. head -n 1 foo.txt
  • B. tail foo.txt
  • C. last -n 1 foo.txt
  • D. tail -n 1 foo.txt

Answer : D

What is the output of the following command sequence?
for token in a b c; do
echo -n "$token ";

  • A. anbncn
  • B. a b c
  • C. "a " "b " "c "
  • D. token token token
  • E. abc

Answer : B

Which of the following commands will output all of the lines with the name Fred in upper or lower case but not the word red from the file data_file? (Choose two)

  • A. grep -v fred data_file
  • B. grep '[f]red' data_file
  • C. egrep fred data_file
  • D. grep '[Ff]red' data_file
  • E. grep -i fred data_file

Answer : D,E

Given a file called birthdays containing lines like:

1983-06-02 Tim
1995-12-17 Sue
Which command would you use to output the lines belonging to all people listed whose birthday is in May or June?

  • A. grep '[56]' birthdays
  • B. grep 05?6? birthdays
  • C. grep '[0-9]*-0[56]-' birthdays
  • D. grep 06 birthdays | grep 05

Answer : C

What two character sequence is present at the beginning of an interpreted script? (Please specify the TWO correct characters only)

Answer : #!

Which of the following command sequences overwrites the file foobar.txt?

  • A. echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" >> foobar.txt
  • B. echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" < foobar.txt
  • C. echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" > foobar.txt
  • D. echo "QUIDQUIDAGIS" | foobar.txt

Answer : C

Which character starts a comment line in a shell script file?

  • A. ;
  • B. *
  • C. #
  • D. /

Answer : C

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Exam contains 80 questions

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